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Danilo Guida
Danilo Guida
Comics, Bande Dessinée, Illustration, etc.
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Comic Artist. I do pencils, inks and color.
Deep Dive Daredevils online comic, from 2012 up to the present day, doing pencils, inks, and colors on some chapters.
2019 Deep Dive Daredevils, La Malédiction Inuit, Editions Du Rialto, France.
2017 Les Damnés T2: Les émissaires, comic for Les Editions Sandawe, Belgium.
2015 Les Damnés T1: Néora, comic for Les Editions Sandawe, Belgium.
2015 The Deep Dive Daredevils #1 was released on paper, The ThreeOneFive.
2010 Artist of The Phantom Detective comics, Moonstone Books.
B/W and color illustrations for SQP inc since 2000 to 2011.
2008, illustrations for Mongoose Publishing, Judge Dredd, RuneQuest, Traveller, Conan, etc.
2006, illustrations for Green Ronin Publishing, the "Freeport" saga.
I´ve also worked in animation and advertising in severals studios and agencies in Argentine.


Digital PaintingIllustrationPaintingCharacter DesignComic Artinkbande dessinée

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